In the past, seeing children playing together in the streets in the evenings would be a common sight on almost every street. Children would look forward to coming home from school to be able to go out in to the streets and play cricket, tag, baseball or some other sport with their siblings or neighbourhood children however today, it is a very different sight that you see in the after school hours. The streets are empty and all of the children are locked inside of their rooms on social media, on video games or watching television. Sadly, the children of today do not even know of their neighbourhood children and are addicted to their smart phones, their tablet computers, their computers and their televisions. This lifestyle has many dangerous disadvantages for your children.

Dangers of spending excess time with technology
There are many dangers associated with spending too much time in front of a computer, with a smartphone or with a tablet computer. On the one hand, there are physical dangers such as loss of eye sight and weakening of eye sight. Many children today alarmingly need to wear glasses as this obsession with computers and technology has left a generation of children who have weak eye sight. Then, there is the even stronger danger of child predators on the internet. The more time your child spends on the internet, the more comfortable they become with it and the people on it. They may think they have met a new friend of their own age for a random webcam chat however, this new friend could be a child molester or a predator under a false guise waiting to lure young people like your children on the internet.

The truth is, there are a lot more predators on the internet waiting to chat with omegle video girls, or with Facebook users. These predators are well versed in grooming young people and gaining their trust enough to lure them or convince them to give out personal details. Your child may not even realize they are putting themselves in danger when they give out some personal information to a stranger such as a school name or a grade, however, these details are being noted and recorded by these predators and may be used to hurt your child.

In addition to this, spending too much time inside the house or locked in their rooms with a computer makes children shy and afraid to deal with people. The lack of interaction with different people leads to lack of personality development.